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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year. New Blog.

I don't usually bother making New Year's resolutions, but this year I made tons (most of which I've already botched). Let's see, there was the resolution to quit biting my nails. That one was history by, like, 12:05. There was the one to stop swearing. That was going well until I watched The Wolf of Wall Street and allowed moral degeneration to seep through me like chemo. I was kind of hoping the huge financial success would rub off on me as well, but I can see now that was wishful thinking. Sell me a pen. You're right. No one uses pens anymore. It would be hard to sell even the Percy Jackson pen, which--if you don't know--turns into a full-size sword. So much for that.
The resolution of losing weight is still up in the air. I mean, the year is young, but it doesn't bode well that I had a piece of coconut cream pie for breakfast and another for lunch. Plus, I put off exercising in favor of watching two seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix.
     Looks like I should've kept with my tradition of not making any resolutions. There's still hope, though. (Isn't there always?) My last resolution is to keep up with this blog. I plan to stay on track, for once, by revamping the word count. From now on it'll be....a whopping one. Yep, that's my target. One word. The catch is I will update every day. I splurged a little on words today not only because the decadence of the holiday is still lingering, but also because it would look pretty odd to see just one word on the blog with no lead-in or explanation. So, there you have it, fellow bloggers. You are my only hope of finally making good on a resolution. (See how I've unloaded the burden onto you? That's so like me. The old me. The me that will change when I've kept this promise made on New Year's Eve.)
     My favorite word today is carousel. I love this word so much, I'd like to have and hold it. I love its origins and how it looks as if I've spelled it wrong when I haven't. Plus I cherish pretty much every song that includes an allusion to a carousel in either words or concept. (That one by Joni Mitchell, for instance,or Jacques Brel's. Those two spring immediately to mind.) I love that I learned a little more about this word while watching Pawn Stars. (Where else but in America, huh?)
It's one of those savory words that make us hope that language won't die out entirely, even though the predictions are pretty clear and grim.
Are there any words you're particularly liking today? If so, please share. Whatever you do, don't steal mine.

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