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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fruition and Thunder

What's the best thing about the Polar Vortex? Thunder snow.
These two are irresistible. First there's the exact moment that an idea or plan comes into being. (While everyone knows the best part of any project or idea is the seemingly endless journey leading up to its fruition, there is still something to be said for the actual realization.) Bonus points for including a major food group. I always thought Fruition would make a good name for a smoothie stand. Quick! Someone start a smoothie stand.

The word thunder evokes the same thrill that hearing actual thunder does. I love storms, but I know better than to chase them; I prefer them to come to me. The ideal situation would be watching from my window, secure in the knowledge that everyone I know and love is safe and sound inside their own homes. Today in church, the reading included a passage that used thunder as a verb, which is an awesome tactic of description. ("God's voice thundered...") I knew immediately which word I'd have to include in the blog. Divine intervention perhaps?

     In any case, fruition and thunder are my weekend words.

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