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Friday, January 9, 2015

Behoove and Facade

So I forgot to post this yesterday, but I did conjure a word in honor of all the high school teachers I had who made various attempts to spice things up when they were up in front of their classes making mouth motions. "It would behoove you to study for this final," they'd say, dragging out the operative word with relish. (It's a good word to drag out. G'head. Do it. I'll wait.) Most of us sat dead-eyed through behoooooves and the advice it preambled, but some, me included, thought hey that's a silly-sounding word, but kinda cool and attention-grabbing. Those that did perk up over the long o followed by a v that could make even the most chapped bottom lip tingle might've filed behoove away for future use. Maybe in an arena where it was accepted and in fact encouraged to attract attention. (Not high school or jail, in other words, but everywhere else.)
     Behoove, then, for yesterday, when all my troubles seemed so far away. It occurred to me that it's a bit tedious to have 365 blog titles all in a little criminal line-up on one's blog. Then again, it might be cool. Hmm. I could always tweak the concept. At least at the end of this year I'll be able to scroll back through my favorite words on that dreary holiday known as NYE and render tangible the things I love best in the world (besides my kids). I won't have to invite everyone over to a faux New Year's Party and give a depressing tour of the piles of papers and computer files that truly represent my Year in Words. That vein of New Year's Eve Party usually ends with a flash-drive bonfire.

On to multi-tasking (which is a word that will never grace a post, since I detest it). Friday marks my continued participation in the Celebrate Small Things blog hop hosted by Vik Lit (Scribblings of an Aspiring Author) and co-hosted by a bunch of people I have to check to make sure are still co-hosting in the New Year.
     Good thing I checked! The new host is Lexa Cain. I'm thankful she took over and also for Vik Lit's coming up with this hop in the first place (it's one of my faves) and, of course, for the great job she did hosting. You should join us by visiting Lexa and getting on the list below.

     Today I'm thankful for the word facade. Mysterious and beautiful with its soft c and French roots, facade packs an ironic punch when you discover its meaning because it doesn't come across as sinister at first look (which means the word itself is functioning under the guise of a facade). Bonus points for being easily applied to people, houses, cars and other stuff. Pack facade into your Santa bag of nouns. (It's shoved under the bed next to the bag of adjectives that got ravaged by that bear while camping. Next time tie that thing up in a tree.)



  1. I agree, behoove is all hoity-toity, but facade is really lovely and useful. (Although that "cédille" that goes under the "c" is a bit suspicious. lol) Thanks for mentioning me in your post. I'm looking forward to reading more hop posts from you!

    We have a new linky for the Celebrate hop 2015. (Vikki will discontinue hers.) You can drop by my blog and sign up, so hop members can see your link and visit you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lexa. Cedille is a cool word in its own right. I'll be sure to get the right linky for next Friday!