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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wimp-out Wednesday

Hey! I just got a brilliant idea. (I mean, ahem, another one.) For a while now, I have thought about re-entering the job market. I've updated my Linked In account and written my profile. Now and then, I have a Jerry Maguire moment and I get the urge to compose my Linked In description in the form of a manifesto geared toward awakening the masses, one that reveals my inner soul. Then I talk myself out of it.

As a writer, I'm a risk-taker. As an employee? Not so much. So....drum roll, please. Every Wednesday I will post a profile
 that I'm truly proud of yet am too chicken to include on my real Linked In page. I will call it Wimp-out Wednesday in homage to my extreme wimpiness. This'll be great, kids. Trust me! Sometimes I'll make myself out to have an ego rivaling Kwame Kilpatrick's. Others I'll sound way too neurotic to employ. Either way you're bound to be amused. And--though I'll never get a job and probably wind up destitute--your smiles will be worth it. After all, I'm not the first writer to end up broke (even broker than Hillary Clinton at the end of her husband's presidency--actually broke.) It all starts next Wednesday, folks, so tune in.


  1. And I hope I got the right clip from the movie. The sound on my computer went out today, so I don't know for sure. But Tom Cruise is typing and sweating, so I think I'm okay.

  2. Jen, interview like a cowboy! Do a cowboy!!!!

    1. I wish I could, Sylvia. I just always get to thinking that there might be better people for the job. Which is pretty much the kiss of death! Maybe I should get some boots and a lasso.