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Friday, June 27, 2014


There are tons of things this week. A.) I thought I broke my leg or dislocated it, but I just sprained the durned thing. The injury could've been much worse, since I was doing something super macho and sporty. I totally deserve the badass black knee brace I received from urgent care. (This macho athletic thing I was doing was not badminton. It was something infinitely cooler.)  B.) My husband's birthday is coming up. It coincides with the fourth of July, so we get to see fireworks. When he was a little kid, he thought they were for him. After four days of helping me by doing the laundry, making dinner, chauffeuring the kids and catering to my every whim, they should be. C.) My son told me on Wednesday that he can't wait for church. This is because he just made his First Communion last weekend and is looking forward to going to communion with our family on a normal church day!

This all adds up to a good Friday for us! Hope everyone else is having the same!
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  1. Sorry to hear about your leg, but I'm glad it wasn't as bad as you thought! Enjoy the weekend! :)

  2. Sorry about the injury...never fun but good to teach others to help out. Sweet your son wants to go to church...hope he continues to feel that way.

    1. Me too! I couldn't go with him to communion. (Because of the leg, I envisioned stumbling into the eucharistic minister and causing a domino effect of all the ministers falling in a circular pattern around the altar, bread flying everywhere.) So I just sat, beaming, and watched him take the bread.

  3. So glad your leg wasn't broken. Enjoyed your writing, you have light humorous swagger that is very appealing.

    1. Thank you, Pam! And thanks for stopping by!