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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Barium Cobalt Einstein Koolaid!

Obviously I haven't kept up with my one-word-a-day goal at all, so I'm changing the rule to this: I'll post a new word whenever I feel like it and only if I have the time. Hooyah! It's great to be an author! So liberating!

     At least I have a good excuse: I finished a book. Yes, my newest YA is at this very moment with my superhero beta readers. (That's right, I have superheroes for beta readers! Which means they're even more noble and awesome. They have to literally stop fighting crime to read my book.) My latest joint (the usage= Spike Lee as opposed to Jimmy Buffet concert attendee) is a story about two teens who start a text game that goes viral and unleashes all kinds of ugly. As I was writing it, the AlexfromTarget saga hit the Web and made me feel like I was controlling the world. Seriously, I almost had a breakdown, because the story is a little similar to what happened to that kid. It definitely poses the same kinds of questions regarding Internet ethics.

     Don't tell my CP's, but I've actually begun my blitzkrieg querying. In anticipation of, you know, not hearing anything for months. If ever.

   I'm fortunate to have a way to weasel out of my epic fail on the blog plan, though. In one of my fave Disney movies, Meet the Robinsons (Reminds me of a Frank Capra film in animated form), a science fair judge is all strung out on a caffeine patch she's invented. She drifts off to sleep for a brief moment (because she's been kept awake for 8 days straight, thanks to the patch) and when she startles awake, she rattles off a series of words. You guessed it: Barium, Cobalt Einstein, Koolaid. In the spirit of this scene, I planned to count back the days I missed and ramble off a series of words, one to correspond to each day. Then I realized I'm too lazy and there are too many days (far more than when I first came up with the idea)! So the caffeine-junkie scientist's words are going to have to do.
Or I could use blitzkrieg....because it's super cool before query, right?

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